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I suggest you concentrate on learning to float the paper on the silver solution. It is not that hard to do, it takes a steady hand and a good tray, but will give my much more consistent results.

Brushing has many variables. What brush you use, how much silver, the concentration of silver (% solution), the ambient humidity in the room and of the paper etc. etc.

Try floating. You can practice with water and food colour until you get it right.
thanks Craigk...

however I'm not really concerned about the tecnique... But the possible waste of silver nitrate. I mean, how many times I can reuse a 12% 250 ml silver nitrate solution? What to do to prevent its decaying? Which safelight is the best to use? (i use a normal red light when handling silver nitrate, but that's with brushing, maybe with floating one as to see better to avoid spilling sensitizer on the back side of the paper).