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The internet makes people think they are a lot more elite/more important/more righteous/more persecuted/more censored/more picked on/more whatever than they are in reality. It makes for good drama.

Ever notice it's always men? Geeky, nerdy men too...

Regards, Art. (D'oh! That last sentence will get me to the Star Chamber....)
I probably wouldn't qualify as a geek, but I feel there is some substance to your point addressing the internet drama. Maybe its just easier to be annoyed by other people when communicating in the channel.....In the real world I would probably just walk away from someone who extols some point that I feel is misinformed, ridiculous or makes no sense, but on the internet, I might comment on what I interpret as idiocy.
On reflection, this is probably not a good way to react to other points of view....but if you're driving under the speed limit in the passing lane...I'm probably going to comment.