It is fairly easy to go overboard in the choice of a Light Meter. I use a Gossen "Ultra-Pro". I do *LOT* of studio work, and most of my metering involves incident metering with the Gossen Studio (swivelling) Incident Attachment, in *Flash* mode.

I am giving *serious* thought towards purchasing the ARAX - modified Prism with intergal spot and averaging meter to expand "out-of-studio" mtering capabilities.

I would think your choice should be influenced by your modes of work ... If Studio Flash units are involved, the major concern would be flash metering capabilites... Flash combined with Spot metering might be interesting ... but I've never thought that it would be useful in the "heat-of-battle" atmosphere of studio work --- there is just not enough spare time to be *really* precise.

I would imagine that a Large Format photographer - involved in landscape - and "psuedo-landscape" work, where a lot of time for each exposure - and in applying the Zone System to single sheet exposures - would find spot metereing to be supremely useful.

Other than those considerations - the choices, Gossen, Sekonic, Minolta, Pentax -- and probably lots more -- all appear to be reliable and cost effective.

One thing I might suggest - as would be a good idea with any high-priced gear ... If you can, borrow or rent a prospective meter and "see how it feels" in real life.