I've been enjoying the APUG website for several weeks, originally linked from the J&C Photo site. I've been away from hobby photography for over twenty years, but I am in the process of setting up a new wet darkroom in my home. Hopefully I can exhibit some photos from Texas that will be of some interest and I welcome your comments. I use 35mm SLR (usually low speed films - I loved Adox KB 17 back in the 60's) and 4x5. Most of my pictures are either architectural details or natural landscape subjects.


Apr 3 Thanks for the warm welcome. I was surprised to see so many replies this morning. I have been trying to get over to San Antonio to get pictures at the five Spanish missions and I am looking forward to Lee's exhibit of 8x10 work at Ventana gallery in June. I haven't seen his photos yet and I hope he will not think I copied his setups. There are some incredible interiors with 275 years of wear. Some rooms have original paint decorations. All the doors have real character.

Thanks again for the reception.