What about Provia 100F is it that you like? and for which applications? Also, why do you say you would not use negative film for anything?"

There are a couple of reasons I do not like negative films. One is I do not feel they are as crisp or saturated as transparencies. I am a bit color blind and I can see the colors on transparencies and even see colors I had no idea were in the scene. I cannot see this on negative film, any color negative film. i think I tried everything available in the US.

I print some stuff on Inkjet unless it is real good and then i send it in for the pros. but everything is scanned for filing purposes. Negative film is a PITA to scan. It takes forever for me to do color correction and I seem to always have to. Probably my scan technique because others do not seem to have to do this. Because of the slight color blindness this is extra hard. Transparencies have not been a problem in any way. SInce I hate to work on photos on the computer I cannot see a reason to practice. Just go with what works for me.

I love Provia for the colors. they are crisp not fake like velvia. It reproduces skin tone realistically for environmental portraits. Provia has little reciprocity failure, though i do not shoot at night except for lightning shots. I have gone up to the one minute mark with no problem at all. It totally kicks tail with lightning photography where I often leave the shutter locked open for two to three minutes. Pushing it two stops is quite easy and no problem. I tried the kodak films before they had the G designation and did not find them bad but my eye and the eyes of viewers were always drawn to the work on provia. It has that certain something.

Now the fine print
All of the above is my opinion and not based on any scientific test whatso ever, and never will be.