One more thing. I have been seriously burned a couple of times by AF. For instance, shooting my best friends family Christmas photo, I was shooting his youngest daughter. She was sitting in a chair with just the cutest expression, and posed quite naturally. I was shooting with the 20d (by their request), and I wanted to snap this shot of quickly. So, letting the little red indicator fall squarely on her nose, set the aperture for some decent DOF and shoot. As soon as I was done with post processing, I had a wonderfully sharply focuses shot of the chair!!! She was just a blurry, smiley object in front of the chair. (I have since then refused to do portraits with a d*gital.)

Anyway, just a story to show my sincere dilemma!! Many clients are wanting me to shoot with the 20D, especially for events. I am just trying to please my customers while producing the best product I can for them.

Sorry for the two really long posts!!

Jeff C.