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Thanks, Sandy. Unfortunately the history of bromoil is sketchy at best. This thread has made me reflect, think and ... do some educated guessing! It has been fun and I have about exhausted what little knowledge that I have on this subject! :>)



The history of emulsion making is sketchy as well, and often incorrect. I have been dealing with this enforced secrecy for years, but with bromoil it is quite a different story. I have a feeling that no one cared enough for some reason, to document it well. I suspect you are right, that the true figure is somewhere in between. I bought that book in about 1950, and always thought that bromoil was quite popular in the early part of the century for color printing. It was part of what I was 'told' by several older photographers.

Next time I go over to GEH for lunch, I will try to get more information and perhaps do some digging into their archives. I have access to the EK library as well which might contain something.


I have several very good pictures of you and the both of us at the Formulary last month (analog not digital of course). I wish you well and regarding comments here, I hope that you and Gene and I can get together sometime for any reason at all, especially to toast the past and the future of conventional photography.

Warmest regards.