I like it. And in saying that I do not mean I want it on my wall.

It isnt trying to be anything it is not. No grand vista of a mountain scene extolling the awe of nature. No babbling brook exposed at 15seconds giving a sense of sound. No tears or blood. I.E. whether it was made 50 years ago or yesterday it is not any of the things a "great" photo as I understand it is supposed to be. It is just a clear picture of something that grew that is now sitting on a plate.. And in that it is good. I cannot think of much that would have made this thing sitting on a plate any better. Not having photographed or presenting it all surely wouldnt have made this a better photo in my mind. I would rather look at this than at nothing. If this was the only photograph on earth I would prefer to have this than to not have it. So yes, it is good and I like it.