Thanks to all of you who responded so far. This is great stuff.

Ed - to respond to your second point, economy isn't the reason I'm interested in mixing my own chemistry either. I see it as a fortunate by product of mixing your own chemistry and having the freshness of the solution and control of the process. Privacy isn't as much of a concern for me, as I don't typically do nudes (yet), though it is an issue I had not considered that I'll remember if the need arises.

In my black and white film developing work, I've always used the developer one shot as well since, in my opinion, the quality and consistency of the results suffers from replenished chemistry. I would, however, reuse the fixer since it was easy enough to check for that "milky consistency" in daylight as it just began to weaken. At that point, I'd just fix a little longer and then dump the fixer I was using. This was more economical while not compromising the quality of the resulting negative.

Most of my questions have been addressed extremely well by the responses so far, though I'd always welcome additional feedback. And while I'd like to at least try mixing my own chemistry, I'm unsure how to do it. I've been scouring the web for information on formulas for RA4, C-41, etc and haven't found any, let alone the general processes for preparation. I did read somewhere that you have to account for the PH balance of your water, but have no idea how to do that. If anyone knows a good reference web site/book for color chemistry, how to prepare, store and dispose of it, I would be most grateful.

Thanks again to Ed, B.E. Wilson and Tom. This has been most helpful.