My wife and I will be traveling to Montreal Québec in late August and we are looking for a centrally located, inexpensive place to stay. This is not a request for some kind Québec resident to offer up their home to us. We are just hoping to circumvent the rather inflated prices of the known brands, and our ignorance of the area.

Last year when traveling to Greenwich, UK, we paid about 75 quid a night for a basic non descript hotel on the outskirts of town. Everyday as we walked to the downtown district we would pass signs for rooms as low as 10 queens per night. Our requirements are not high and had we a local contact in Greenwich I’m sure we could have benefited.

Does anyone have knowledge of inexpensive rooms for rent (Hotel, Motel or other) or B&B’s that are either located near the city center or public transportation?

I would also be interested in any interesting locations for street and architectural photography.