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Can one achieve the depth of Fibre on RC? Can one archivally tone RC with Selenium or Sistan?
As for "depth" - I would not have a clue.
The way that I would measure the depth of a paper would be to expose the paper to a 21 step Stouffer tablet....
That I can do.

That really wasn't *my* definition of "depth", though. I see "depth" as the impression of including a third dimension. The most striking example of this that I've seen is in a collage of prints done on Ilford's "portfolio", printed from IR (Konica 750) negatives. These give a definite impression of a "stereoscopic" image - without the viewer. I've contemplated and studied these for some time now ... I'm still not sure *why*.

But ... having the different densities falling close to where they *should* be --- uh ... "Tonal Fidelity"?