I cruised on down there yesterday afternoon and found Diwan Bhathal withering from the heat, on his way back to the car. One nice thing about cemeteries is that most anything you'll see fits the "Brett Weston photogenic" model.

Nothing really caught my eye there so we drove the 3 miles or so over to the Franciscan Monastery and spent an hour in the grotto. I made two 8 x 10 negatives and Diwan ran a roll of Foma 120 through his Brownie Hawkeye. (He says they have much better quality lenses than Holgas.)

On our way home we stopped at Politics and Prose for a doppio. I think I might have made some good photographs yesterday, but the heat makes it pretty misearable out there, no matter where you go. Hopefully this heat wave will be over by next weekend.