In the first photo, I think the technical end looks fine. The eyes look odd because of the subject. I'm sure my laptop screen takes away from the quality of the original photo, but it looks like she's got bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils. The mascara takes away from natural beauty unless applied correctly. It isn't working for her, IMO. As long as I'm being critical of the subject, pierce something with substance... an earlobe, a nipple, whatever. All too often kids nowadays (Did I really just say that? I'm getting old.) just want to puncture the first piece of flesh they can pinch. Pierce an eyebrow 12 times and see if it can hold a shower curtain!
In the second photo, the whites appear too blown out. It's hard to see an outline of the complete hand and fingers in the areas over his neck and face. I think this would have been much better with just a little less contrast, IMO. It's a prime candidate for contrast with the dark coat/hat and light shirt/skin combined with a dark wall and white writing on it. As David says above... is it doing what you want it to do?
It's doubtful that my opinion helps, but rambling at 3am probably did more for me than for you. Keep shooting anyway!

Best Regards,