Jobo makes a couple of tubes that will work. The best is the 3005 expert drum. It holds five sheets in a daylight drum. Some people use it on a roller base; however, I've never tried it that way. My jobo works fine. Some people also use the Jobo print drums (2800 series) with sheet film. I have a smaller drum that would hold two sheets. Again, I've never tried this; however, it's the same idea as the btzs tubes. The likely problem will be with the anti halation layer not being completely removed from the back of the film. However, this can be washed off later. Some people make their own BTZS tubes from PVC pipe. A trip to Lowes or Home Depot would likely provide you with endless possibilities. While the BTZS tubes are not light tight, I have seen the 4x5 tubes used in low light conditions. I think most people load the tubes in a dark bag and keep them open end down. They then set them into the upright caps with developer and drop them into the tray of warm water. Switching to the stop bath is again done with the tubes facing downward. As long as you don't point the end of the tube into direct light you are supposed to be fine.