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Unfortunately, in the last few years studies shown that training and professional standards across numerous police departments in the US, especially (though not only) the smaller departments, have declined. I say unfortunately, because this is my particular area of expertise having been involved in this since 1977.
Im not quite sure what studies you are looking at....but...
In this day and age of the 'sue everyone' mentality, departments cannot afford to downgrade training. Being 'in the biz', and a graduate of two police academies, I assure you that my training was well over 10-15 TIMES the training that an officer received in 1980.
As far as the smaller departments go, that is also a false statement. Even if a department has one officer, his/her training must still comply with the state's guidelines. Most departments defer their officers to a state-run academy, as the cost of running one would quadruple their budgets. Usually, only large metro areas hold their own academies.