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Dallesandro's. The address is Henry Avenue and Walnut Lane, and the neighorhood is Roxborough. Up Ridge from Walnut Lane is Bob's Diner, good breakfasts. Right next door to Bob's is an old cemetary, with a grave of a nurse who died in the Spanish American War. Way south on Ridge, past Midvale Ave (East Falls), is Mt Laural Cemetary, a Victorian "monumental/garden" cemetary that includes General George Meade. I used a Bessa 66 to photograph the annual ceremories on Memorial Day. Got the negatives, but still have to print out them out.

I have been there, but fortunately I had someone with me who lives in Philly. It is a good place for photograhy. This would be a good location for a NJ/PA/NY get together if we had an organizer. Let's consider the opportunity. Thanks for the info.