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So then, why not post the story about how Greece has been criminally prosecuting a bunch of middle-aged Brit tourists who were taking pictures of commercial airliners?
You just want to start a fight because a "foreigner dared to mess with your country". Don't be immature. I won't play your game.
This story about Greece is old and well documented and discussed.
Anyway, I am not a nationalist and care not to defend any country, let alone this one. You are new here, you have probably missed all the comments I have made about Greece and probably my recent thread about photographing a demonstration and its photos. I have been harassed by the police in Greece and I am one of the last to defend them.

All I did is point to a source of discussion about the rights of photographers. I did not even comment. If I wanted to hurl propaganda against the US I could do better than that.

So discuss like an adult and let personal and rediculous nationalistic attacks on the side.