I find it rather dishonest to equate a couple of individual police officer's over-the-line actions with a recent universal erosion of freedom.

As a news photographer, I was threatened with arrest numerous time over the years for taking pictures or just for being present with cameras. That was as much as 30 years ago. And I remember the "old guys" at the paper telling stories of how cops had threatened them 30 years before that. Some actually did get arrested. We just considered it a normal part of doing the job. Today, it's a media event. Of course, we didn't have 24/7 reporting from thousands of information sources, hungry to inform the public of every event in the course of human existence.

Sometimes I long for the days of the Huntley-Brinkley and Walter Cronkite 15-minutes of national news reports once a day. I might have the right to know everything but I really don't want to know everything.