I did my first rollo pyro test last night. I had shot a 24 exposure roll of Tri-x rated at 200. As an aside, it was fun to go out and shoot 35mm again after playing with 8x10 & 4x5 for the past 8-10 months!

I processed the film in a unicolor film drum with an extra empty reel. 500ml of solution. 7 mins at 72 degrees.

The negs look like nothing I have ever seen. They look like they will easily print at gr 2-3. I plan on making some test prints soon. I am also having a couple of the negs scanned and will post the results as well.

I chose to error on the side of caution (probably a bit overkill since I was using a liquid kit) and wore goggles, a mask, and latex gloves while processing. And washed the entire darkroom down afterwards.

Iíll post in this thread when I upload the scans.