I accepted the theory about cold light heads proposed by Ansel Adams and others for many years. I next went to a diffusion VCCE head on a Saunders enlarger. More recently I purchased and am using a Durst condensor enlarger. My experience is that there is a difference and quite a noticeable difference in favor of condensor enlarging.

I won't go so far as say that all condensor enlargers are better then all cold light or diffusion enlargers. I will however say that a well designed condensor system will render a result more to my liking then a well designed diffusion or cold light source. There are two well designed condensor systems. Those are Devere and Durst.

I might suggest that you read the information regarding light sources that is posted on the Jensen Optical (USA Durst distributor) web site. I found this information to be quite informative at the time that I was questioning matters for myself.