doug... there is differance are very noticable. each of them has the character of its own. i think that people that say that they can make the print similar on both mean that in terms of tonality range and contrast they can reach the same. that is true more or less. but the real point is not only the tonality - the real point is the somehow richer and smoother feeling of diffused head, and the more drawn-like-with-light of the condensor.
generally i can say that the enlargement should be sufficient to sense it - say at least 8x10, on 35mm camera and the 16x20 on the 69 format. that is because the texture of the negative (the grainuality) is more spaced on the condensor (the streight lighting).
i love them both. it is a point of how i love the print to look like and on which paper.

i defenetly a gree with donald about the good disigns - it is very important.

donald - another outstanding disign of condensor head is the kaiser enlarger.