I was interested in history long before I got interested in photography, and I will go photograph various historical places. New England is full of them. More a documentary effort than an artistic one. For example, I'll photograph places related to King Philip's War (1676), e.g., the site where Mary Rowlandson's (google for her name!) house was, or the foundations of a "garrison house", or
"Redemption Rock" where Rowlandson was ransomed.

I photographed the front of the old Meeting House at a Shaker village (the building is now privately owned) from an angle that matched a photograph from about 1911 showing several Shaker women in the front yard. The tree in front was recognizably the same (same branch structure).

Also, I'm a sucker for such photography. James Frassanito wrote books where he would look at Civil War photographs of battlefields (Antietam and Gettysburg), and attempt to make a modern photograph at the same place, same angle.

Enough - I'm looking forward to the answers of others....