Given that my photography is personal (the original intent is to please myself rather than show or sell), just about everything in my life has inspired me to use my camera.

I was once thrown into a month long shooting frenzy by an Iggy Pop concert. I've been inspired to photograph by the paintings of Magritte and by Hiroshige prints.

Perhaps the most inspiring event for me took place in the mid 1990's. My father had been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma... he had gone through chemo, radiation and two bone marrow transplants with no change. He couldn't walk across a street without tiring. Then, his antique car buddies came over and got him working on a 1951 Hudson he had planned to restore before he got sick...
In the next few months, his cancer went into full remission and he was far more active. I took a great many abstracts of classic cars walking around fairgrounds with him for the next summer.