Hello all. I am a new member checking in and posting for the first time on this excellent site.

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I can learn the newer interfaces, but I'm afraid that the last camera they made that offered a semi-intuitive interface that was comfortable to use was the F2A.

I tend to agree with fparnold and I have to admit that the F2 is my all time favourite 35mm. I have one that I still use regularly for motorcycle racing images. It is in F2AS dress with an MB1/MD1 and a 300 f2.8. I don't have to get lost in a plethora of switches, dials and modes. Pressing the shutter button after focusing and adjusting the aperture is all that is needed (after exposure reading of course). It reminds me that electronic shutter releases are difficult to hold on the point of just tripping especially with AF or holding a specific exposure value when only half depressed.

Pleeeeeze Nikon, make the F2 again!