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Is it just me, or was the fact of his marital misfortune and his lack of a current "affair of the heart" weirdly emphasized? The reporter seemed determined to paint a picture of him as "a man who could use an online dating service."

His workshops sound great.

I took a workshop from John Coffer over Memorial Day weekend and was also at his farm for his 6th Annual Tintype Jamboree last weekend. In all that time I never heard him speak ill of his ex-wife or first assistant. I think the author of the article presented a very skewed view of John. John's lifestyle certainly is far from mainstream and his responses to things can be a bit unusual (e.g., he seemed almost to experience a childlike excitement one evening as someone hit the nearby town of Watkins Glen to return with a huge pizza for the evening meal around the campfire one night during the workshop), but he also seemed quite reverent and respectful. He is very independent and resourceful, well-respected in the wetplate community, really knows his stuff, and is certainly walkin' the talk.

The recent Jamboree was a lot of fun although it was a rainy muddy mess on the farm. It was referred to by a fellow wetplater as being the "Woodstock of Jamborees" on another forum. (That must have been the reason I arrived wearing my "Jefferson Airplane Loves You" t-shirt.) I met a lot of great folks there and everyone appreciated John's hospitality. It was fascinating watching him pour and process a 20x24 glass negative as well as a 20x24 tintype. He's da man.