Thank you Agustin for your detailed report. I recently made a visit to my local art museum which featured a photo collection from the La Salle Bank of Chicago dating back to the 1850's. Several Pt./Pd. prints along with
Albumen prints. I fell in love with the warm yellow tone of the Albumen.
I was disappointed in the Pt./Pd. as I was waiting for that "magic" to reach out and grab me and it didn't happen!
At one time I was set to take an Alternative Process workshop which included negative enlargement using what I believe then was Kodak SO132
interneg film, which I understand is no longer available. Since it was being discontinued at the time, the instructor decided not to include negative enlargement as part of the class and thus I didn't take the workshop.
In todays world, how are you making the enlarged negatives for contact printing? Going from 4X5 to 8X10 would be ideal for me! Please don't tell me I have to invest my lifes savings into a computer, programs, scanners, etc. to get a good contact negative!