Well, I went to the show last Saturday, and I've been mulling over how to follow up this thread ever since.

I don't like to say bad things, especially about photography, and this is representative of some very good photography, and the content of the show is great, running in a timeline from the earliest days of the magazine, to near present.

Sadly, the presentation quality is atrocious. Most of this exhibit is best viewed from the middle of the room. It literally looks like the exhibit was scanned on an old flatbed, jpeged, emailed to the museum, and then printed at the office superstore down the block. The prints are not prints. They are posters. Really bad posters. Not a single photograph in the room.

Kendrick's elegant little tintype has been scanned, and blown up to about 4 feet tall. Severe compression artifacting is evident in all areas of bokeh from a normal viewing distance. The poster does not resolve until you are over twenty feet back. The blacks have also been squirted out a sickly green, and we're not talking about subtle.

Others exhibit color dither in all continuos tones, again at normal viewing distance, and beyond.

Very, very disappointing, but I guess it is to be expected as the Dthingie dumbing down hits critical mass.

All was not lost, as the admission also covered the rest of the museum, wich has a fine fossil collection, and a wonderful minerals exhibit, among other things.