Well, with Blansky's rousing seal of approval, Sean contacted me via PM and is going to set up a sub-forum under the photographers forum for discussions such as these. I'll go ahead and stick with the plan and start at the top of this group and let folks know when they are next in line.

Suzanne Revy will post the next one Saturday. I will try to keep the posts rolling along about every 3 days.

Also, I started out with some well known photographers, but any image from any photographer is fine. I just ask that the photo be attributed to someone so others can look up additional work or info if available. Posting a link to a web site with additional images would be fine, but I like the idea of including only one image to talk about. I think the discussion is more focused that way. If someone has posted an image from a photographer you wanted to use go ahead and post a different image from the same artist if you want.

The skys the limit for image ideas. Any genre, time period, or person. Should be fun.

Thanks for all the input.