In an attempt to get hold of some plate holders for my 6.5x9cm KW Patent Etui, I bought a boxfull of plate holders on German ebay.

The attempt was successful, I got nine fine KaWee holders in great shape!

So now I have most of a boxfull of plate holders which I just don't need...

Instead of putting them in the "classifieds", I decided to mention them here:

Stereo plate holders:
5x Zeiss Ikon 721/004, 6x13cm plates.
1x Ica 721/001, 4.5x10.7cm plates.
3x nameless, 4.5x10.7cm plates, very small holders without flange.

10x15cm - one holder, flange along both sides, no flange on bottom.
9x12cm: Several, various designs. I'm keeping the "millionenfalz" ones, they fit my Voigtländers and Rodenstock

4.5x6cm: Several shiny ones, marked "EGLÉ Breveté SGDG", no flange.
A couple of Ernemann ones, with flanges.
Several Ica ones, some marked "721 33", some "721 14". The "33" look similar to the Ernemanns.
A lot of nameless ones, some with the "crinkle finish" similar to my best Voigtländer-compatible 9x12cm holders. Same flanges too - maybe I should look for a 4.5x6cm plate camera instead?

I'm not trying (hard) to sell these, but if anyone has a "need" for them they can have them. If anyone has information about them, that would be welcome too!