Definitely literature - novels, poems, plays, everything, and film, - far too many to mention or pin down. Artists to some extent, though much less so, I think. Couldn't say how all that influences my own photography exactly, except I know that it does. I'm very recuctant to analyse it too much in case I get self-conscious about it and the whole thing (such as it is) disappears...I also love nature and natural things, spent the latter half of my childhood in the country, so that's there aswell....In fact isn't it whatever makes you the person you are (VERY complex that, to say the least )

That's for the stuff I play around with. For portraits, I don't see so many influences - just the desire to record the moment, you could say 'hold on' to the moment both for people I love and for people I barely know. I think I can see artistic and photographic influences more clearly here - the Dutch painters for use of light, photographers such as Jane Bown.