You want Sun? California has plenty of Damn sun. only a few months of the year are there any whispers of clouds for stomrs. The rest of the year it is day after day of boring glaring sun that is harsh and just plain flat. You scramble for those early moring and later afternoon evening times when the light will not be as harsh.

I lived in tucson for several years. I remember the monsoons, where the wind went one way and the rain came down so hard it was going in 180 degrees the opposite direction. then there was the dry rain, where it would evaporate before it hit the ground. No way do I want to live in that heat again. Give me a place where it is under 100 degrees in October.

Personally I think the light when it is overcast gives a magical glow. Look at your hand in bright sun light and when given the chance on an overcast day. The skin will glow and be more detailed when it is overcast. This doesn't mean I want the sun to be hidden all the time, I just like variation not 8 to 10 months of the year of not a cloud in the sky.