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I have been having trouble also.

In reading through the NaturePhoto1/Peter and RobertHall comments on Light Impressions I can smell what really is happening or has happened. This appears to be a battle between distributors and high volume discount OEMs.

I require more than frames and mats i. e., a broader line of photographic and art products. Some sort of management/marketing/ownership change is/has taken place.

Any suggestions for an alternate source, preferably west coast would be appreciated.

At this point, almost all my supplies are coming from rather local suppliers, M&M Distributors in NJ, United Manufacturers in NY, and LeWinter in Pittsburgh. My custom wood frames continue to come directly from the maker with an exclusive arrangement here in PA and my metal frames come from American Frame. At this point, after the drastic change in the Light Impressions methods of dealing with individual photographers they will probably only supply me with special Tyvek tape and corners. But, that is their problem. They will have lost thousands of dollars a year from me alone and like amounts from many other photographers and shops.