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If I no longer wish to live somewhere I would leave. I have lived a few places and never once regretted the move.

Get yourself spartan photography equipment, that is easily transportable and venture to where you think you would like to live. Contact local photographers there and try to get work assisting, to learn technique, both people and equipment wise. If not, just get a job, and in your spare time work on your projects and make yourself happy.

In my opinion, living somewhere you don't like, will stifle your creativity all the way to your soul. Follow your dreams and the world will part and let you through.

Michael, I grew up in Georgia, and I reached this same conclusion in 1984, so I moved to Puerto Rico. And you are absolutely correct. I make less money here than I did in the States, but I love living here, and my photography has grown as an art form since I came here. I'm not "successful" by most North American standards, but I am very happy!