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Nice work.

Kallitype, especially when toned with platinum, palladium or gold, is capable of very beautiful results.

In my experience Arches Aquarelle does not give good Dmax with kallitpe, unless you give it an acid pre-soak.

For a look at my own working procedures for kallitype, see this article. http://www.alternativephotography.co...kallitype.html



I must say I have been underwhelmed by the Arches Aquarelle with the Kallitypes and the Saltprints.

You mention an acid presoak, and I assume that the size or paper base is alkaline. If so , would that have an impact on the cyanotypes as well.
I will try a 3% citric acid pre-soak (I have a lot made up) and see if it makes a difference.

I have read your kallitype article many times and will try the sodium citrate when I can get hold of it.

Thanks to all for the comments