I use BTZS Tubes to process my sheet film at home and a JOBO Expert Drum at school. I am looking for a new developer to use in these situations. I like the consistent developing provided by two-bath developers with their compensating effects. I have not been able to get quite the degree of sharpness I desire though. I have been considering mixing something of my own up but need the advice of those more experienced with chemistry. What follows is basically a canibalization of FX2 which I like quite a bit, into a divided developer:

Bath A:

Metol 2.5g
Glycin 7.5g
Sodium Sulfite 35g

Bath B:

Sod. Metaborate 100g

Ideally some development would take place in the first bath so i could have some control over contrast, though I don't know if the first bath has high enough alkalinity. Increasing the sulfite might result in the glycing becoming "excessively solvent" according to Anchell/Troop.

I also considered the addition of sodium bisulfite (5g) to bath A, and sodium carbonate (10g) to bath B.

Obviously the best way to see the results is to test, but as a student I don't have a whole lot of extra time to spend testing, so I'd at least like to make some educated guesses about the results before I commit the time and money.

Thanks in advance.