Compared to last year it seems like the older Nikon F and F2 bodies have gone up, especially the FTN. Also, it seems like availability has dropped. I was looking around recently for an F2A body in EX condition or better but couldn't find any. There were plenty of F2A bodies in either bad condition or meter prisms not working. I ended up buying an F3HP in EX condition. Even the F3HP has gone up in price! I saw a near mint one for $800.00, almost the same as a used F5.

Lenses seem to be retaining their value as well. I noticed that the availability of the Nikon 35mm 2.0 AIS has declined. Those available in good condition are almost the same price as a new non-US one.

I think that even though many people are going digital, there are many collecters out there scooping up prime Nikon bodies and lenses. Also, I think that after the big panic that film was going to dissapear, things settled down and people are attracted to the used SLR market prices.