There's also been a change in the popular developers - in Europe Neofin Blau and Rodinal were the most popular developers, but they are now facing stiff competition from Xtol and the like. Both the Neofins and (dilute) Rodinal give high acutance and coarse grain.

Try an old film (EFKE KB100 was a fast film when it was called ADOX KB100) and a sharp developer (Neofin was originally formulated to get the best possible results with the ADOX films). Forget T-Max, Delta, and even Tri-X and HP5+. Certainly forget about D-76, Xtol, and all other "compromise" developers. Go for Neofin, Beutler's, or FX-1. They will all give about one stop more speed, which is great when the light is poor. Don't overdevelop, but use a harder paper grade instead.