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I hope you don't mind me saying, but some of the things you've said in your posts remind me of something I've read about in the past. Here's a link to a website that may be worthwile reading - Indigo. Please forgive me if I'm way off the mark, just thought it may be of interest.
I don't mind you saying anything, especially about something interesting and out of the norm (litterally in this case). I am confused though. I didn't spend much time in the website as I was trying to find what the hell Indigo is apart from a color. So, Indigos are children of the latest generations with something different about that? And that relates to me? That would be surprising since apart from the ego trip that teenagers go through thinking they are special, I can't honestly say that about me really!
Maybe special, as in needing care in a special ward of an insane asylum...