You don't need any references :-) You have APUG!

For fibre prints, make sure you get as much water off them as possible, and lay them *face down* on a screen to dry. They will curl slightly on the edges, but overall be fairly flat.

You can then flatten them more after they're dry by sandwiching the prints between some heavy books (or the like) for a few days. The fastest way is to use a dry mount press and cook them for a few minutes. I would place the prints between some mat-board, and then put something heavy on the matboard. Be sure to separate the prints with something (paper? matboard?), and that all the layers are clean. You don't want to push debris into the print surface...

I find that even after I've flattened my fibre prints, they still exhibit a gentle curl - this doesn't bother me, since good prints are dry mounted (and therefore perfectly flat), or round-filed.