Nothing to do with a Widelux, but you might be amused...

A friend of mine (Mike Shushakov) was photographer to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and wanted a Horizont. Knowing they were notorious for banding, he simply ordered six, tested them, and chose the best one. Even that one had intermittent problems. He lent it to me for a trip to St. Petersburg (hardly anyone called it Leningrad by then, around 1990) and said, "Always take two or three pictures, and you should get at least one without banding."

Doesn't say a lot for Soviet repairers or quality control, does it? Nowadays, of course, you can get Kiev USA rebuilt versions that actually work out of the box.

Mike's standard 4x5 was a Soviet copy of a Sinar, beautifully made. He told me that there were 5 or 6 of them ever made.