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Michael, I guess I could shoot a couple of polaroids to check the lighting. Thanks for the input.Jim
I wouldn't even attempt this without half a box of Polaroid per shot. I've done a modest amount of this sort of thing myself and also did a book on interiors in the Rotovision Pro Lighting Series (with my wife Frances Schultz). I don't know if it's still available but I don't really care as it was flat fee anyway.

The most useful tip I picked up from the 15-20 photographers who contributed pictures to the book was using those little, low-powered flash heads that screw into a light socket. Half a dozen will not break the bank, and they can be used with the diffuser on or off and the reflector in place or reversed to add light in dark corners where you need it.

Big reflectors are useful too: 8x4 sheets of expanded polystyrene (such as Dow Styrofoam) are ideal, though they do drop 'crumbs' when they're new.

Balancing indoor to outdoor is fun (if there's a window in shot) and is much easier with flash: the interior exposure is controlled solely by aperture, the exterior exposure by aperture-plus-shutter-speed.

Shiny surfaces are of course a bastard and polarizers can be a help but you then need EVEN MORE light.


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