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I've often wondered why so many fine art photographers have spent a portion of their lives practicing to be, or, actually working as professional musicians (Adams, Caponigro, Bullock, Witherill, Les McLean, albeit as a rocker rather than a classicist....and many, many others.) Since that's what I do, and since I've loved photography since childhood I suppose I'm also in that vortex, but I've never tried to fully articulate why the one would influence the other. Both require discipline, constant practice, critical self-evaluation, and draw sustenance from a host of other internal engines. But, what informs me with the greatest energy is the emotional excitement and stimulation I get from each. As a re-creative musician, I can reliably count on a known piece of music to bring that about if I perform it well. As a creative photographer, the path is totally uncertain until the work is finished. Music is temporal and public; photography is concrete and private until I choose to make it public. Both offer tremendous satisfactions. I still have no reliable and certain answers, but I think I'm in tune with the general principles....and they're wonderful fuel for invigorating what life force I've been granted.
well stated. I have also wondered about the connection between photography and music, photographers and musicians. There is some bond there, something about music and photography that is similar beyond discipline. Maybe others will add their thoughts.