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The 28mm f/1.4 has always cost an arm & leg & a kidney or a lung :P And yes, after Nikon had the bright idea of discontinuing it, it is probably going to cost a lot more RSN.
As to 28/1.4 availability:

Back in January, Zeiss made a lot of noise (with teaser web posting etc.) about a new line of Nikon-compatible manual lenses. I think a 28mm was "in the works" - not sure of the f/stop max.

So far these lenses have been somewhat of a "phantom" - although they do now have an 85mm and 50mm available ( http://www.zeiss.com/photo ).

As I recall they plan on a total of five lengths. Three are to be made for Zeiss by Cosina in Japan. Two will be made in Germany. I don't remember which was to be where.

Note that the website does indicate additional introductions will be forthcoming at Photokina 2006.