I hope there are still some photographers who like to use film with visible grain structure when it benefits the subject. So far I have not seen any examples in the galleries. Maybe it is just that the scanners are depriving us of the real qualities of the actual prints. I believe that most people are trying to avoid the presence of grain in their work. Does anyone have an opinion?

Might be that back then most of the enlargers were condensor types, which made for nice crisp grain images, and on top of that many photojournalists pushed thier Tri-X a good bit on a regular basis because of the unpredictable lighting and the need for a higher shutter speed to catch the action. Theres been many a football or basketball game I've shot on Tri-X at EI 1600 to 3200 developing in anything from Acufine to HC-110. All in available light as the flash was hardly able to overpower the ambient lighting. Grain was so big the pictures hardly needed a halftone screen to print on the press.