I would not be inclined to put additional alkali in the "A" bath.

You have listed:

Metol 2.5g
Glycin 7.5g
Sodium Sulfite 35g

(water to 1 liter???)

35 grams per liter is enough Sodium Sulfite to make your proposed "A" solution into a weakly active developer and it also performs an important developing reagent preservative function.

If you add bases like carbonate and/or metaborate, the Metol and Glycin will begin to oxidize and the solution will become an active developer - you will essentially turn your "A" solution into a reasonable facsimile of FX-2.

Try it out. Take a small piece of film and expose it to room light. Develop it for 3 minutes in the "A" bath (no added alkali) only, fix it and inspect it. The amount of increase in density (if any) over base + fog density will answer the question (an eyeball evaluation should do it). Then perform the same test again with 3 minutes in the "A" and 3 minutes in the "B", fix and compare.