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And BTW, I do not equate landscape photography to be a variant of nature photography which seems to be a popular concept of NANPA - ettes.
well, technically, a landscape should be a picture of a vista which includes the hand of man at work in it, though landscapes in general have moved beyond that original definition to be at least either/or - man-made or just "natural" landscapes.

I suppose if it is the later it's really a form of nature photography, because really, who gives a hoot about who or what NANPA is or what they say....!

If it's about nature, and you want to call it nature photography - then that's what it is. If you want to call it landscape - cool - do so. There's no book of rules and at matters little one way or the other. You can do landscape photography int he middle of the city if you really want to (in fact such work can often be truer to the word than is the photograph in question here....)