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Isn't this gigabit film just a repackaged AGFA copy film? I think I remember seeing that somewhere.

Maybe you could buy it from AGFA cheaper?
the 35mm Film is indeed a technical application film from AGFA named "Copex". But this is not the case with sheet film. Gigabit 35mm and Gigabit Sheet Film are two different products. They differ in character and in the tech specs. While the sheet film is rated at 25 ASA and has virtually no grain at all (you can hardly recognize some with a microscope beyond 50x), the 35mm-Film is reated at 40 ASA and has got a little more grain than a Tech Pan in Technidol - but can still show a little more detail, especially when the contrast is low and the paper grade is high.

Maybe you can buy AGFA Copex cheaper, but you will also need a special developer for "pictural photography". The crux of Gigabitfilm lies within the developers. You can use these developers with Tech Pan, or Maco ORT 25 or any other high contrast document film as well. There do exist alternatives like SPUR Nanospeed. But nothing really compares to the Gigabit Developer I, which is a high temperature process that yields a gamma value of 0.5, independend of the development time (!)