Experimenting and expressing myself creatively started with color. Putting colored acrylics on panels and canvas. When I see a painting in my head theres vibrant colors, how people interact with the world they exist in, more often than not the subject is a woman, but thats just my own biase. But how this woman interacts with the world seems natural to express in color. There interaction in placing colors together, or overlapping, or blending, or clashing. It seems to communicate what is in my head.

Naturally I experimented with color when I started photography because of my great interest in it with painting. I honestly felt cliche whenever I would get my slides back. I felt no connection with seeing and interpretting the world I observed so literally through color film. I already see vibrant colors when I look around, there wasnt an inherent challenge to somewhat change the way I saw things. That challenge seemed apparent with B&W. It forced me to see the world differently. It was no longer about just capturing an instant and duplicating it, but expressing. Thats what draws me to most things, the challenge to learn a new way of seeing things, or learning a new way of experiencing. I never felt that with color photography, but felt it immediately with black and white.
Interestingly enough, I feel a slight connection to painting when I do Gum Layers over palladium prints. That sense of color and its expressiveness being combined with my fascination with monotone imagery.

Now whether or not its in the landscape category or not Im not sure.