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Congrats on the publication. As a caver and cave photographer, perhaps you might know, or know of my friend Peter Jones. Peter did the latest shoot of Carlsbad Caverns for the NP service. He shot this a few years ago, it was the first shoot of the Caverns in I believe Peter said something like 50 years. I gave Peter assistance on using a large format camera (in this case a Crown Graphic) for part of the shoot. Peter is actually doing 2 cave photography workshops at the Caverns this summer.

Thanks! This has been years ago and I'm out of the caving scene for health and safety reasons though I'd love to be on another expedition. I don't know Peter but the caving community is quite large so it's not surprising. I'd love to see some LF cave shots, that has to be the epitome of difficult! I've been wanting to try it myself one day. Are any of these shots online?