In every developing chart that I have ever seen, D76 and ID11 are always listed together as if they are identical. But in the Pan F Plus data sheet, while it gives the same time for the two developers undiluted (6.5), at 1:1 dilution they give times of 8.5 for ID11 and 10.5 for D76. This is the first time that I have seen different times offered for these two developers and it is pretty darned substantial. Perhaps even curiouser, it says to use these exact same times whether you expose the film at EI 25 or EI 50. My experience with fine grained, thin emulsion films (including Pan F) is that they require pretty critical development in order to keep the highlights from taking off and blocking up. I wouldn't think that you can over-expose the film by a full stop without making some adjustment to the development to bring down the highlights.

Just wondering what other's thoughts are on this,